We help to pair investors with opportunities that best fit their individual needs.

Trust Deeds

Participate In The Perks Of Real Estate Without The Work!

When investing in Trust Deeds, think of yourself as making money the way banks do; by lending money for property and receiving collateral and interest in return. Trust deeds are considered relatively secure not only because your principal is secured by real estate, but because of all the established regulations and systems protecting your investment.

This vehicle is optimal for those who have funds accumulating low interest through conventional methods (such as bank accounts, CDs, and mutual funds), as well as for those who would like to rollover their 401k and IRAs into more profitable ventures while maintaining the perks of deferred taxation. Ask us about our opportunities in the trust deed market, and start building a positive future for yourself today!

Property Partnerships

A Great Opportunity For Seasoned Investors

For those who have experience in buying and selling real estate and would like to take part in the hands-on components of our projects, we offer opportunities to participate as a partner. Our vast network of realtors, investors, and finders has provided us a competitive advantage when it comes to finding unique and profitable deals – and we plan to continue our expansion by synergizing with like minded venturers.

Business Opportunities

List or Invest in a Business

Over the years, Advant Wealth has aligned itself with key individuals and firms across many industries; allowing us to connect investors with the right investments, or business buyers with the right sellers. Our opportunities range from startups, to expansions, to cash-flowing businesses whose owners always planned on selling upon maturity. If you want to take part in gains beyond what can be expected from more traditional options, contact us today to discover our latest business opportunities.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker