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Trust Deed Investments

This document was produced by the California Department of Real Estate for the purpose of educating potential investors on what they need to know before making a Trust Deed Investment.

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How to Boost You Real Estate Returns with a Self-directed IRA 

This article talks about the improved financial gains and tax benefits of using a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate.


Retirement Planning

Self-Directed IRAs

Watch this short clip explaining the basic mechanics of Self-Directed IRAs

Is Private Lending Right For You?

By self-directing, you can stop being a passive investor and turn your attention towards higher yielding investments.

IRS Rules for Self-Directed IRAs

See what are allowable investments for Self-Directed IRA account holders.

Tax Solutions

Deferred Sales Trust

Watch this short clip explaining the basic mechanics of the Deferred Sales Trust.

More On The Deferred Sales Trust

If the intro video peaked your interest, read more on the DST.

Deferred Sales Trust – PDF

Our most detailed material on the DST

Capital Gains Bypass Trust Brochure – PDF

Learn how to create an income stream and eliminate capital gains tax entirely upon selling an appreciated asset.

10 Income and Estate Tax Planning Strategies

Get in-touch and up to speed with what you need to know regarding income and estate taxes for 2018.

Other Information

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