Capital Gains Tax Solutions

Those who own assets like homes, commercial real estate, and businesses are often reluctant to sell them because of the taxes involved. To give you an idea, in California today, selling a house can mean facing capital gains taxes of over 40%. With professionals having over 20 years experience, we help our clients convert what they would pay in taxes – into an investment earning up to 7% annually. The tools we use are called the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) and the Deferred Sales Trust(DST).

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Income Stream For Your Heirs
  • Up to 7% Annual Returns
  • Avoid Probate & Estate Tax
  • Protection From Creditors
  • Free Consultations

Self-Directed IRAs

The main differences between Self-Directed IRAs (also called Checkbook IRAs) and conventional IRAs are:

1) You can choose exactly where you want your money placed.
2) You can choose from a wider selection of investment options.

In addition to stocks, bonds, CDs, and mutual funds, with a Self-Directed IRA you also have the option to invest in real estate, private placements, notes, and precious metals – to name a few. Many times, this means higher returns in investments that you understand better.


Many people have the misconception that in order to file a corporation, they must have a grand business plan and hire employees. The reality however, is that almost everyone should incorporate if they choose to make any income aside from their W-2.

Advantages of Incorporating:

  • Personal Asset Protection
  • Tax Breaks
  • Deductible Expenses
  • Perpetual Existence
  • Limited Liability Protection
  • Credibility and Reputation Protection

The most common way people give up their power

is by thinking they don’t have any.

– Alice Walker