The Three Pursuits of Wealth

pursuit of wealth

Many people have the ambition to be wealthy, to build a financial life that supports them and their family. Unfortunately, many people do not achieve this goal because they don’t have a plan or strategy.

The team at Advant Wealth guides their decisions with the three main principles of pursuing wealth: Lifestyle, Longevity, and Legacy.

1) Lifestyle

To achieve the lifestyle you want means having a steady stream of income and enough free time to enjoy doing what you love.

Each person has their own ideas of the type of lifestyle they aspire to. It is important to see how the life we lead is directly linked to our ideas of generating wealth.

You should not be worried about losing what you already have, otherwise you can’t concentrate on what lies ahead. Many novice investors fall for the myth that there is some way of making enormous amounts of money by risking everything. This is not investing, this is gambling.

Whether or not you currently have start-up capital or assets, you can begin to educate yourself through our Associates Program. You will gain access to real-world information and tools that you can take with you in building the lifestyle you desire. Chances are that at some point you can utilize this knowledge to generate an array of income streams.

As one of America’s foremost business philosophers, Jim Rohn says, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”


2) Longevity

It is easy to think of our lives only in terms of the day-to-day activities. It is far more difficult to think long-term.

However, a little time spent planning for the future can provide security for many years to come. This is why thinking in terms of longevity is so important.

The first step must always be to evaluate what you already have. Any financial surplus is potentially a vehicle to create more security and freedom.

Financial planning is all about seeing the long-term gains, laying out a map for the future and strategically hitting your goals along the way. It requires discipline and focus in the short-term, but it will reap long-term rewards.


3) Legacy

At the end of the day, we all work as hard as we can to provide for our loved ones and to leave something for them later in life.

Without the right strategy in place, an estate can diminish in value through taxation and fees.

Fortunately, paying attention to not just what we own, but also to how we own these assets, gives us certain advantages. Proper planning will help your heirs avoid costly, time-consuming, and frustrating problems many years from now.

Life is a game played long-term. That means that what we do now and over time will greatly affect our success.

These three pursuits of wealth – Lifestyle, Longevity, and Legacy – can help guide you to understand the necessity of taking action now for a better tomorrow and beyond, providing ways to secure your investments, assets, and future.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is for informational purposes only and is not individualized financial advice.